Fabric Designing

This is one area where creativity is at its best. Take for example the following:-

Block prints, Buddha prints, peacocks, machine design, Kantha stitch, hand paint, embroidery etc. are in vogue.

There was a time when flowers especially roses on fabrics, saris especially chiffon material was a craze. But now embroidery is atits creative peak. Pastel colors and delicately designed fabrics are in vogue.

The villages of India are streaming with untapped talent. Every state has its own talent hidden in the villages. Talent, I mean their own special designs which you can see tattooed on their arms, sketched on the house walls. This peculiar artwork is a source of influence in many a fashion designers sketches. This is where creativity is ripe and waiting to be recognized. The kanjeevaram silk textiles too have some very original designs inspired by remote villages. The Hand woven fabric is especially made in these exclusive areas in our country. A tradition followed by the 18th-centuryartisans and handed over to future generations in the same primitive manner of weaving cloth. Incidentally, these are the clothes which have a higher market value than the machine made ones in are automated factories.

The creativity doesn’t lie in the weaving and designing only. But it is also in the idea that villages can be a source of art. Designers who create and sell such ideas are equally imaginative.

Creativity online

The net is also a huge resource for designs. A place where individuals can upload and share their patterns. There are softwares which can be downloaded. A step by step guide is available to help you learn the operations and procedures. Then the designs can be directly made or sketches can be uploaded. There are no limitations of how many can be or need to be made. The ideas may be given to you or you can choose any thought and get started.

These are some other printing styles used in fabric designing

Perrotine( mechanical block prints)


Stencil printing

Digital printing

How to Design

This is where creativity is required. You can take hints from any pattern or drawing which you see, make notes or even better take the ideas from the web and create a design a new print. This is not all. You should also be able to understand and imagine how your designs are going to look in the fabric. This perception will help you to have clarity in finalizing your design. Some prints can cover the whole fabric and some can bea part of the fabric.